Industrial Design Style

Channel the rugged spirit of the city with our Industrial Design Style. This style draws inspiration from urban landscapes and industrial spaces, incorporating elements like exposed brick, weathered textures, and utilitarian details. Expect a muted color palette that reflects the raw beauty of industrial materials.title text example

Urban Edge

Industrial design captures the essence of modern city life, with a touch of rugged charm. It celebrates the raw beauty of exposed brick, weathered metals, and utilitarian details that evoke a sense of functionality.

Materiality Matters

Textures play a starring role in industrial design. Think rough-hewn fabrics like canvas and denim, alongside smooth leather and the cool feel of exposed metal hardware.

Muted Tones

The color palette in industrial design is typically muted and understated, reflecting the natural colors of the materials used. Grays, blacks, and earth tones like browns and khakis dominate, with occasional pops of color for a touch of personality.

Utilitarian Inspiration

Industrial design often incorporates details reminiscent of utilitarian objects and workwear. Think cargo pockets, exposed zippers, and hardware reminiscent of tools. These elements add a touch of functionality and urban edge.

Ideal For

Those who appreciate a strong, minimalist aesthetic. This style is perfect for individuals who favor a timeless look that's both stylish and practical. It appeals to urban dwellers and anyone who draws inspiration from the raw energy of the city.

Title text example

Industrial style can be effortlessly incorporated into everyday wear. A graphic tee with a worn texture can add a touch of edge to a casual outfit, while a bomber jacket with utilitarian details can elevate a simple look. Industrial pieces also pair well with other design styles, allowing for a touch of urban grit in any wardrobe.

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